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The reason

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I like to make things.

As the youngest of five raised on a farm I was quite the restless soul. Always running off with my brother to get into some literal mess and disappear for a day (sorry mom). Creating imaginary scenarios constantly to keep our brains occupied and our little hands busy and (hopefully) out of trouble (sorry again mom). Letting our imaginations and curiosities dictate where we went and how long we stayed (oy already know).

While I am not the thrill seeking child I once was, that restlessness never quite completely abandoned me (stage five clinger, much). As the years went by, it took on a more cerebral approach. If I saw something interesting, I wanted to learn how to do it. If I saw a rad product, I wanted to make it. So I did.

At fifteen, my aunt taught me the skill of crocheting, which has served me very well over the past 25 years. At first, I stayed in my lane and stuck to stitch arts. Then I saw videos of paint being poured onto canvases, resin into molds and Mr. McRestless was back with a vengeance. During the beginning of the pandemic I gave into those artistic desires and the past two years have been my most creative. I do not claim to be a professional, classically trained artist. A lot of times I just wing it. RIP winged creations. I just want to make things and if you enjoy it, then we can call that a win.

See you soon!

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