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One Thing Leads To Another (not just a song by The Fixx)

It all started off so simply as just a way to practice my linework, which I obviously need much improvement in. But before long the rhythmically hypnotic nature of this practice started to take over my very distracted brain and even seemed to be calming it at moments. Ooooh, I can practice AND self soothe. Nice. However, line after line, I found myself not only amused and excited, but also kind of annoyed and even downright disappointed at the progress I was making, or the considerable lack thereof. Yeesh. What an emotional roller coaster I was putting myself on here. At certain points of the process I was openly criticizing myself for the little, or gods forbid even bigger, gnarlier (it's a word now - adapt and move on already) errors, telling myself I have no business doing this 'art thing'. You can't even draw a straight line. You are breaking the rules...I mean, whatever those rules are because YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE RULES IN THE FIRST PLACE. Oy. The self doubt monster is strong with this one. But little by little, as I persisted with these simple, yet sometimes, somehow impossible lines, I became thrilled with what I was seeing happen on the paper. Somehow the little mistakes I was continually making were all contributing to a bigger, better, more beautiful picture. Hey wait, did I do that? (For all you Urkel lovers out there) By the end I knew this 'practice' had now suddenly upgraded to 'project' status and as a dabbler of many things artsy, I was undoubtedly, absolutely hooked. And here we go again...

Follow me, Distracto McGee, through the alphabet and take this Mermaid, er MerMAN (iykyk) Calligraphy Fancy Letter Flowing Lines and General Pretty Things (working title) journey with me (praying hands emoji). And if you actually read all of this, you will have good luck for 7 years. Enjoy.


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